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Cash Back Bonus Policy

Are you tired of this? Working hard to sale your merchandise on websites, only to see your hard earned money has been taken away from you due to high listing fees and etc... Well, {site_name} encourages our members to sale on our site. We present to you, our cash back Sales Rewards Program.

As a member of {site_name}, you could start earning cash back when you sale items on our site. Because we credit back to our Sellers 1% of our small 2% commission for listing an item to the site, as cash back bonuses on all sales over {currency_code} 300. This is simply our way of showing our appreciation towards you because, we believe, You Are the Sales Associate!

Although, we provide you with the tools needed to sale on the site, the best tool we can provide you with is MOTIVATION. Whether you are an experienced internet Seller, or a beginner, with minimal effort this program will work for anyone. While other Sites are busy reaping the benefits from Sellers on their sites. We are busy building shared interest with our Associates. We promise you, you will love our cash back Sales Rewards Program, and you can take that to the bank!