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About Us

We're not just a company we're a community!

This is a Barter exchange, where members can access details about other members  and sell their goods and/or services on Barter and make requests for wanted goods and services.

 Our main aim is to assist businesses capitalise on their unrealised potential ,create a new channel of sales and enable them to find goods and services they need and can Barter for this conserving their cash.

This site was born out of the insight that many company's today struggle with getting  new sales channels. We have found that, more often than not many company's are unable to pay for goods and services that they requir e due to cash constraints. With that in mind, we recognized that there was indeed a place in today's economy for modern methods of Barter trading.

Our staff, is fully committed to ensuring that every user in our community is catered to. In addition, our staff is constantly conversing amongst each other sharing new ideas and thoughts to accommodate you. We'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts too! We hope that you enjoy the experience and all of the benefits it brings to you.